Got to love those sleek lines from the 1930s when the PSFS building was built. It's now a Loews Hotel and the attention to detail inside and out is impressive. There's a beautiful bar and restaurant, pool and more.

Sure, you can walk a city - and Philly is a great city for walking - but to appreciate it better consider seeing it from up high. Left is the new Liberty Place Observation Deck and below that is the observation deck from Philly's City Hall. Above is City Hall, a magnificent building that is literally the center of Philly. Below is the new Schuylkill Banks that gives you a street level view of the city - plus some great exercise.

The Loews Hotel in Philly offers breathtaking views of the city along with all the amenities you expect

Travel Feature...what's new in Philly

Philadelphia has so much going on - especially in the fall. You get the added bonus of beautiful weather and leaves changing.

In this month's Travel feature you'll find fun things to do but maybe not what you'd expect. We take you up high and over the water to view this beautiful city from different vantage points.

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The former PSFS building, an icon of the early modernist skyscraper sate in the U.S. has ben beautifully preserved and now operates as the gorgeous and very modern Loews Hotel

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