dining in April 2020

Strawberry Pizza? Strawberry Salsa?
The bright red berry can be used in berry different ways
Florida strawberry season is winding down but you’d never know since the red berries are available nearly year round.  So, with so much availability, we found some ways to enjoy the bright red fruit usually found atop cheesecake or under a mountain of whipped cream. These recipes show how the strawberries set and sometimes tart notes can be used as an accent in some less that typical ways. Enjoy!

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dining in October 2020
Quarantining making your jeans not fit right?
The Quarantine 15 or The Covid-15, whatever you call it, it’s easy to see how you might gain weight during the pandemic, especially if you’re spending most of your time at home. Comfort food recipes have been trending on Google. And everyone is into sourdough bread to baking of any kind. There’s so much baking going on, supermarkets can’t keep flour in stock. If you’re concerned about those “COVID curves” you’ve gotten, here are some low-cal but tasty options.