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Breweries are big – big business that is — and it’s been an established trend for quite a while. So Florida should be no exception – and it isn’t. But women in the brewery biz?

According to the web site www.tested.com, “The movement of women into the industry has happened incredibly slowly. A male-dominated industry is generally considered to be one that has 25 percent or fewer women. While other men-centric businesses have started accepting women over the years (even mining, for example, was 13 percent women in the U.S. in 2011), the brewing industry doesn’t even bother to track how many women it employs. The generally accepted estimate is that less than 1 percent of all brewers in the U.S. are female.”

Well, we’ve got a delightful surprise for you in this issue because our area does indeed have a female brewer. And her brewery is one of the coolest, biggest and newest players and is called Motorworks Brewery in Bradenton. Denise Tschida is the brewer in chief though she doesn’t actually make the beer—she just runs the place. And what a lively place it is in Bradenton just up the road from McKechnie Field in an old auto dealership building.

According to a Feb. 19 article in the Sarasota HT, the number of Florida breweries has increased by nearly 700 per cent over the last decade. Having visited quite a few makers of spirits, from distillers of whisky and gin in Great Britain to winemakers and brewers in the U.S., I can say it’s always enjoyable – even without a single sip. From the exotic “plumbing” to the scent of grain and its fermentation to the scent and taste of the finished product everything is fascinating.

I watched them make a batch of lager while at Motorworks and tasted it right out of the big tank. I only had a sip as it was early afternoon and work beckoned but I will get my friends together for a fun evening. Last year they even had a beer with lavender in it. In mid-April, Motorworks announced that it had won another 2 medals in the Best Beer Florida Competition.

Do women drink beer? According to Craftbeer.com, “women drink 25 percent of all beer by volume in the United States, but sip 37 percent of all craft beer consumed.” Smart woman, that Denise! Coming up with a word for women who makes beer was a bit cumbersome – brewer is neutral enough, but brewmistress sounds…well, weird. I found doing a little research that during medieval times, the term “brewster” was used for a female brewer. Even the feminine word “bride” is thought to derive from an ancient version of the word “brew,” as it was once deemed to be a new wife’s responsibility to maintain the supply of beer in the household.

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