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To think it all started with a pushcart in not-so-friendly-to-pushcarts downtown Sarasota. Longtime Sarasota resident and serial entrepreneur Nancy Krohngold decided to take her barbeque-making act on the road and devotees who liked her version of North Carolina barbeque followed. Then she disappeared for a while. Long story short, she opened Nancy’s Bar-B-Q in downtown Sarasota and is now opening another restaurant in Lakewood Ranch.

It’s a unique success story best summed up in Nancy’s own words:

“I’m a white Jewish woman making pork BBQ.” But that’s not the whole story...seems that Nancy likes BBQ and did some experimenting and the rest is, well, you’ll need to read Carol Darling’s profile in this month’s WCW.

I’ve known Nancy for years in a few of her former lives, but I was surprised to read she did secretarial work, sold life insurance and considered law school. Law school? Knowing Nancy, she’s too creative for that. I first knew her through friends back when she was a graphic artist. Her company, Character Publishing, supplied ads for a few of my advertisers.

She was also my neighbor for a few years who turned a rundown little bungalow into a very cool house featured in one of those swanky “tour of homes” events. Nancy’s very creative and that’s been my lasting impression. So creating a restaurant (with super graphics in menus and in the decor) doesn’t come as a total surprise.

Nancy also volunteers at Project 180 – a reentry program for male prisoners in Florida. She offers the men tips on how to go through a job interview.

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